This article covers the Integrations tab, which is part of Smart Ops employee records, as well as Workforce employee records.

The Integrations tab consists of the 'Integration IDs' section, which displays all the locations where this employee record has been linked to a POS employee record.

Integration IDs Section

LocationDrop-down list of locations.
+AddClick to add the selected location (#1) to the Integration ID list.
SearchFilters the list for integration IDs that contain the entered text in any column.
Smart Grid ControlsFilter - Click to filter the listed integrations.

Columns - Click to show or hide columns.

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Integration ID DetailsDetails for the POS integration associated with the employee, including the following information:

External System - POS system or timeclock system associated with the integration ID.

Location - Location associated with the integration ID.

External ID - POS employee ID provided by the POS system or timeclock system.

Linked Record - The POS employee record linked to this employee record.
Trashcan ButtonRemoves the location from the Integration ID list. Any future or unpublished shifts that this employee has for this location will be unassigned. Any job tied to this location will be deleted.

Note: If the employee has been onboarded to payroll, locations associated with a job linked to payroll cannot be deleted and the trashcan button will be hidden.