The Manager View of Scheduling allows Scheduling Managers to view scheduled shifts for each location they manage.  Users with the following Permission can view the Manager View of Schedule:

  • Labor → Scheduling → Schedule → View Schedule Page


Scheduling Managers will see 'Schedule' and 'Schedule Request' from the expandable menu. To view the Restaurant Schedule, tap Schedule from the Mobile Navigation Menu. This will open the Restaurant Schedule.

Manager Schedule View

The Manager View of Scheduling displays a basic view of the Restaurant Schedule.

1) Menu - Tap the menu icon to return to the Navigation Menu.

2) Dates - The date range indicates the dates for the Schedule in view. 

3) Week Change - Use the left and right arrows arrows to view past, present, and future weeks.

4) Schedule Detail - The Schedule is sorted by date and lists the total number of shifts scheduled for the specified day. 

  • Dates that are greyed out have passed. 
  • Bolded dates are upcoming. 
  • Tapping a date on the Schedule will open the list of  scheduled shifts.

Viewing Scheduled Shifts

The Shifts page lists all shifts scheduled for the chosen date. This list can be filtered and sorted.

1) Filter Menu -  Tap the icon in the top right corner to open the filter options.

2) Sort Options - Shifts can be sorted by 

  • Time of Day
  • Job Code
  • Employee

3) Shift Detail - Each Shift lists information for the shift:

  • Date of Shift 
  • Name of employee assigned to the shift. 
    • Note: Shifts without an Employee assigned will be listed as 'Open Shift' 
  • Time and length of shift
  • Job
  • Shift Location

Filtering Shifts

Shifts can be filtered by Location or Job Code. Tapping Locations or Job Code will open the Users list of Locations or Job Codes. After selecting the appropriate Locations and Job Codes, select 'Apply Filters' to process the filters.

Users with Scheduler and Employee App Access

Users with both Scheduler Permissions and Employee App Access will be able to view both 'My Schedule' and the 'Restaurant Schedule' tabs.  They will have the Employee View of the Schedule.