This article outlines how to process a void request for APS Payroll. The steps required to submit a void request differ depending on whether payroll funds are drawn from the employer bank account, or if funds are drawn as Net Pay.

Determining Net Pay Status

Navigate to the Details tab of the Employee Record, and note the Payroll Account. Clients on Net Pay will have "APS-Net Pay Acct" selected:

Voids with Employer Account

To request a void of a Pay Record, please create a Ticket with R365 Support and provide the following information:

  • Employee Name
  • Employee #
  • Check Date
  • Net Amount
  • Check # (if applicable)
  • Reason for Void
  • Method of Replacement (if applicable)

Once R365 has received this information, we will proceed with the Void process.

Important Note: This request only voids the employee pay record, please contact your bank to place a stop payment on the check, if necessary.

Voids with Net Pay

Net Pay clients can request a void by completing the Stop Payment Request. Then, sign and return the emailed affidavit to complete the process.

Note: The Stop Payment Request is only for Net Pay clients. All others should follow the steps for Voids with Employer Account.