The New Manager Log module in the Smart Ops Release includes the ability to build Logbooks and Log Entries for your Restaurant Locations. These Log Entries are in place of the 'Notes' Log Entries in the Classic Manager Log, where communication about important daily details can be entered. This is the initial release of an entirely new Logbook experience in Smart Ops.

Logbooks can be used out of the box. All Locations are assigned to a Default Logbook initially and can begin creating entries using default settings on day one. Admin Users do have the option to configure Logbook Settings, such as required fields, permissions, and available tags and categories for new Log Entries. New Logbook templates can be created and assigned to select Locations as needed. 

This first release of the New Manager Log includes Logbook and Log Entries for 'Notes' for both the web version and the R365 Red App. Other desired actions, such as entering Tasks, can be completed in the Classic Manager Log.

Note: This is currently only available to Early Adopters.

Important Note – Log Entries Transferred from the Classic Manager Log

All historical Log Entries dictated as notes, unless that note is in response to a task, will be transferred to the Log Entries page. When selecting 'Note' as the Log Entry in the Classic Manager Log, it will navigate Users to the Log Entries page, where the note can be entered.

With this migration, it is important to note the following:

  • Mobile App. Note entries will be disabled on the R365 Classic App. Instead, notes can be entered as Log Entries in the R365 Red App.
  • Flagged Entries. Historical notes that were flagged will display a 'Must Read' priority label on the Log Entries page.
  • Linked To Types. Historical notes that were linked to an Employee record or the DSS will be entered as an 'Employee' or 'Sales Notes' Category, respectively. The Accounting Transactions, Fixed Asset, and Catering Event Linked to Types have been disabled. Historical Notes will appear as Log Entries but will not link to any other records in the system.
  • Custom Categories. For this initial release, custom categories will not be available. Rather, custom categories saved in the Classic Manager Log at the time of this release (February 2022) will be saved as tags. Any entries made under a custom category will be saved as an 'Uncategorized' Log Entry and include the custom category tag(s).
  • Log Entry Comments. Any comments made on a Log Entry will be listed in order of posting rather than in the parent/child structure used in the Classic Manager Log, which is demonstrated below. Historical Log Entries will include up to 5 historical notes saved on a Log Entry.


Learn more about security access here.


Users can open the new Logbook page by completing one of the following actions:

  • Logbook Entries Navigation - Click 'Logbook Entries NEW!' in the Manager Log module. This will open to a new Log Entry on the Log Entries page

  • Smart Operations Navigation - Click 'Smart Operations NEW!' in either the Operations or Schedule module. This will open to the Smart Ops Home page. Restaurant Managers and Schedulers will be automatically directed to the Home page upon logging in

Once the corresponding page loads, Users can then access any of the available New Manager Log features under the 'Manager Log' section.

New Manager Log Features

The New Manager Log includes the following features: