There are cases where R365 will prevent the Primary Location from being changed on the Employee record. An error message stating, 'Cannot change default location as an employee with the same POS ID exists for this location', will appear and prevent the Location value from being changed to the desired Location.

This happens in order to avoid the problem of having a different Employee linked to the Employee record whose Primary Location is being changed.

Reasons for the Error Message

This typically happens for a couple of reasons:

  1.  The POS that is being used has a different POS ID for each Employee at each Location
    • Example:
      • Employee A has a POS ID of 123 at Location A
      • Employee A has a POS ID of 321 at Location B
  2.  An old POS Employee has been deleted and/or the POS ID is reused
    • Example:
      1.  Employee C stopped working as an Employee 2 months ago, has a POS ID of 123 at Location A
      2.  Employee C gets deleted from the POS
      3.  Employee C has previously been integrated into R365, so Employee C exists in R365 with a POS ID of 123 at Location A
      4.  Employee A at Location A has a POS ID of 123
      5.  When the R365 POS Integration runs, it will pull Employee A, with a POS ID of 123 and will find Employee C with a POS ID of 123 at Location A and assume Employee A should be linked to the previously created Employee C record

How to Resolve the Error

The cleanest way to address this problem is to ensure that each Employee has a unique POS ID, at least per Location. Once all Employee IDs are unique, the Employee's Primary Location on their Employee record can be updated and saved.