If a Restaurant Location closes, certain transactions can be marked as 'Inactive' from the Location record. This will ensure that no future transactions are accidentally tied to that Location while also retaining it in R365 for historical reporting purposes.

Inactivate a Location

From the Location record, Admin Users can inactivate a Location from use on one or more selected transaction types.

Open the desired Location record and navigate to the 'Status' tab. On this tab, there are five transaction types that this Location can be inactivated for:

  • AP Invoices
  • AP Credit Memos
  • Standard and Beginning Balance Journal Entries 
  • AR Credit Memos
  • AR Invoices

By clicking the desired checkbox(es), this will ensure that the Location will not be active for those types of transactions and will appear grayed out in their Location selectors.

Inactive Locations on Existing Transactions

All existing approved AP transactions and Standard or Beginning Balance Journal Entries will remain in the system for historical purposes, but if a transaction is unapproved or remains unapproved when its corresponding transaction type is checked on the Location record, then the User will be unable to save or approve the transaction until the Location field is updated.

Besides Voided transactions, the following transaction templates will be marked as unapproved upon creation and will need their Location fields updated to approve or save the transaction:

  • Memorized Transactions 
  • Duplicate Transactions 
  • Reversals
  • Spreads
  • GL Allocations
  • Preset Allocations

Determine Inactive Locations

A new 'Status' column will be listed in the Locations grid to display which Locations are fully active or partially active. This column will be listed before the 'Created By' column but can be moved as needed to better display active Locations. The available statuses include:

  • Active - No transactions are selected as inactive on the corresponding Location's 'Status' tab
  • Partially Active - At least one transaction is selected as inactive on the Location's 'Status' tab

The Locations grid can be opened by clicking 'Locations' under 'Administration' in the Accounting module.