Refunds will come in to R365 as both a Sales Account and Payment Type Account from your POS. While R365 cannot provide official accounting advice on which GL Account(s) you should map refunds to, we recommend the following:

  1.  The Sales Account should be hitting Undeposited Funds or a Bank Account (to show a decrease in funds from your bank account)

  2.  When assigning a Payment Type Account, many Users create a new GL Account called 'Refund' for it. Ensure this GL Account is notmapped to a 'Sales' GL Type since it will decrease your Sales for that day, which is not what a Refund should do
    • Note: If you do create a new 'Refund' GL Account, it would likely be a 'Operating Expense' GL Type

  3.  After updating the mapping, you will need to unapprove the DSS (if a refund was listed on it) and recreate the DSS JE to update it to the new mapping

All future refunds will then follow this mapping upon import.