This is a part of the Waste Logs feature in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

Once a Waste Log has been completed, it is ready for a final approval by an Admin User. Only Users with approval abilities will be able to review and finalize a Waste Log. Click here to learn more about Waste Log security.

Review the Log

When reviewing a Waste Log, cross-check the amount entered in the log with any attachments or printed forms to make sure all was documented correctly. In addition to this, look for any entries that might be out of the ordinary and check in with the Restaurant Managers as to why the entry was outside of the norm. This will help keep Employees and Managers accountable for the waste that accrues for a given day.

Edit the Log

If any edits need to be made, the Admin User can either directly edit the log or unlock the log for a Restaurant Manager to edit.

Directly Edit the Log

To personally edit the form, either click the 'Unlock' button in the header or edit any of the fields to unlock the form. Make the necessary changes and then save the form.

Unlock for Manager Edits

If multiple updates need to be made by a Restaurant Manager, click the 'Unlock' button and save the form. This will mark the form as 'In Progress' on the 'Logs' tab.

  • Note: Adding a comment at the bottom of the Waste Log can help document and communicate to Restaurant Managers the changes that need to be made.

Approve the Log

After reviewing the Waste Log, finalize it by clicking 'Approve' in the header. All approved Waste Logs will be used in reports and calculations where Waste Log data is pulled.