This is a part of the Rule Vault feature. Click here to learn more about the Rule Vault.

Once a User-created Rule is saved, it can be updated directly from the Rules listing or by clicking into the Rule and editing its details. While the details of each Transaction Rule can be updated as needed, default Matching Rules cannot be updated. Rather, they can only have their status updated. Click here to learn how to mark a Rule as 'Active' or 'Inactive'.

This training article will focus on editing Transaction Rules.

Note: This is currently only available to Early Adopters.

Update Minor Details

From the Rule Vault page, both Active and Inactive Rules can be edited from their respective lists. If minor updates need to be made, such as updating bank accounts or deleting a rule, that can be done directly from the listing.

Select the necessary Rule(s) and then click the 'Edit Selected' button at the bottom of the page. Choose from one of the following options to update:

  • Assign Bank Account(s) - This will open the 'Rule Assignment' modal, where one or more bank accounts can be selected by Account Number, Legal Entity, or Bank. Users can either search for a specific account or review the list and then select the necessary accounts

  • Mark Active / Inactive- This will update the Rule's Status to 'Active' or 'Inactive', depending on the selection made
    • Note: Transaction Rules cannot be marked as 'Active' if they have a remaining distribution amount
  • Delete - This will delete the Rule
  • Copy- This will copy the Rule and assign it the next available ID number. Copied Rules have a default status of 'Inactive' so that updates can be made without it being ran
    • Note: The 'Copy' function is available when only one Rule is selected

Once an update is made, a confirmation modal will appear to show that the edits were applied successfully.

Update Specific Details

If specific details need to be updated for a rule, it is best to click into and view the Rules details from the listing.

Doing so will open the 'Create Transaction Rule' sidesheet where all details can be edited as needed. Click here to learn about the fields on this sidesheet.

Along with editing the Rule, the following actions can be performed.

1) Copy - This will copy the Rule, which can then be updated

2) Delete - This will delete the Rule

3) Save - This will save the changes made to the Rule. This button will only be enabled when changes have been made

4) Mark Active / Inactive - This will mark the Rule as 'Inactive' or 'Active', respectively, and add the Rule to the corresponding tab

  • Note: Transaction Rules cannot be marked as 'Active' if they have a remaining distribution amount

5) Close - This will close the sidesheet without saving any changes made