Transactions are often unapproved for various reasons, but for AP Invoices, Journal Entries, and Daily Sales Summaries, the most common reasons also have easy solutions to ensure that transactions are approved in a timely manner.

Before digging into these reasons, ensure your To Do Checklist is cleared of any items needing attention. Often times completing the tasks on the To Do Checklist will resolve any issues around approving transactions. Click here to learn more about the To Do Checklist.

AP Invoices

AP Invoices are often unapproved due to one of the following reasons:

  1.  Missing Items - If an AP Invoice was brought in with new Vendor Items or an item's name/number was updated, the Invoice cannot be approved until the items are properly mapped to a Purchased Item in R365

  2.  User Error - If the AP Invoice was entered incorrectly, it should remain unapproved until the necessary changes are made

Journal Entries

Journal Entries will typically be approved upon entry, but if they are marked as 'Unapproved', it is often due to one of the reasons listed below:

  1.  User ErrorIf the Journal Entry was entered incorrectly, it should remain unapproved until the necessary changes are made

Daily Sales Summaries

Daily Sales Summaries will typically be reviewed and approved daily, but they may need to be unapproved for the following reasons:

  1.  Data is Incorrect - At times, polling a DSS may occur before all Sales Tickets are closed, depending on your Organization's Operational Hours and policies. Because of this, all of the data may not be pulled into R365 when the DSS is created. In order to have the correct data listed, ensure to repoll the DSS

  2.  Update in Payroll JEIf the Payroll JE did not clear out the Payroll Accrual in the DSS, the DSS will need to be unapproved and the JE will need to be updated. Click here to learn more about this process

  3.  Unmapped Records - If new Sales Accounts, Payment Types, and/or Job Codes are imported from the POS and are unmapped in R365, they will need to be mapped to a GL Account before the DSS can be approved