This is a part of the Daily Sales feature in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

Once a Daily Sales Summary (DSS) has been marked as 'Completed' by a Restaurant Manger, it should be reviewed and approved by higher level Users or those with the necessary security access. Users with this ability will need to navigate to the Classic R365 Experience in order to finalize and approve DSS records.


In the bottom corner of the left navigation in Smart Ops, click 'Classic R365 Exp.' to open to your instance's original home screen. 

When the screen opens, navigate to the Operations module and open the Daily Sales Summary listing. Double-click the desired record to view its details.

Review and Approve the DSS

When the DSS opens, first navigate to the 'Comments & Tags' tab. Any notes made about issues in the DSS will be listed here by Restaurant Managers.

If no issues are noted or if all issues were assessed and corrected, make one final review through the Daily Sales Summary to ensure that all details are correct. Click here for a walk through on reviewing the DSS in the Classic Experience. 

Once finalized, select an approval option from the 'Approve' menu in the header.