This is a part of the Admin page in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

The 'Break Rules' tab of the Admin page is where Break Rules can be set up to ensure that each selected Location complies with any Company Policy and/or State Laws for Employee Breaks. From the Break Rules listing, Users can view the details of each rule and even create saved Table Views.

Once Break Rules are created, they are applied to the Schedule Calendar. If an Employee's scheduled hours violates the Break Rules set for their Location, then the Employee's total Labor hours will be reduced by the total break minutes per day and/or per Shift, depending on the set rule criteria. The total Labor hours for the Employee and all Employees for the week will then be updated to show a more accurate prediction of total Labor hours.

Create a Break Rule

Break Rules can be created by clicking the '+ Create' button in the top, right corner of the Admin page and selecting 'Break Rules'. 

This will open the 'New Break Rule' sidesheet where rule details can be entered and saved. When saved, the Break Rule will be applied to the selected Locations' Schedule Calendar.

1) Rule Name - The name of the Break Rule

2) Break Settings - The way the break is calculated. Once selected, the hours worked and total break minutes rate can be set. In addition to these specifications, multiple tiers can be added to further clarify break requirements. Types include:

  • Per Shift - The Employee exceeds a specific total number of hours in a shift
  • Per Day - The Employee exceeds a specific total number of hours in a day

3) Search Locations - This box enables the User to search for and select the Locations that will use this Break Rule. Selected Locations will then appear in the Applied Locations box. Learn how to select and add Locations to the 'Applied Locations' box below

4) Applied Locations - A listing of all Locations that have this rule applied to their Schedule Calendar. Locations can be removed as needed by following the directions below

5) Create Another - When checked, a new rule will open when 'Create' (#6) is clicked

6) Create - This will save the Break Rule and add it to the Break Rules list on the 'Break Rules' tab

7) Help Menu - This will open the Help Menu, which lists multiple resources that can assist in creating a Break Rule

8) Full Screen - This will expand the modal to full screen. Clicking the minimize icon in its place will return the modal back to its original size

9) Close - This will close the modal without saving

Select Locations

All Locations that utilize this rule will need to have it selected from the 'Search Locations' box and added to the 'Applied Locations' box. Locations can be added in three ways:

  • Add All - Users can click the '+ Apply All (x)' button to add all available Locations

  • Select and Add - Select all necessary Locations and then click the '+ Apply Selected (x)' button

  • Individually Add - Add individual Locations by clicking the plus sign next to the desired Location(s)

Remove Locations

If a Location was originally selected to utilize this rule but it no longer needs to be included, it can be removed from the 'Applied Locations' box by repeating similar steps to that of adding Locations. Locations can be removed in three ways:

  • Remove All - Users can click the '- Remove All (x)' button to remove all necessary Locations

  • Select and Remove Select all Locations that need to be removed and then click the '- Remove Selected (x)' button

  • Individually Remove - Remove individual Locations by clicking the trash can icon next to the desired Location(s)

Edit a Break Rule

To edit a Break Rule, simply double-click the desired Break Rule from the 'Break Rules' tab. The rule's details will then open in a sidesheet.

Users have the option to either update the listed fields and save the rule or delete the rule entirely. The option to 'Save' and 'Delete' will be listed in the top, right corner or the sidesheet.