Inventory Counts can now be created and entered directly from the R365 Red App. Users can view a listing of all incomplete, complete, and approved counts directly from the Inventory Counts list view. When creating a new Inventory Count, Users can select from a variety of Inventory Templates for the selected Location and easily navigate between items as they are being counted.


If inconsistencies exist from the previous count to the current count, alert flags will be displayed next to the item entry so that Users are immediately made aware and can recount an item if necessary before marking the count as 'Complete'. Completed counts are locked from edits by lower level Users and can be reviewed and approved via web browser by higher level Users.

Click here for a printable guide on Inventory Counts in the R365 Red App.

Note: This upgrade will be rolled out to all R365 databases over the course of Q2 2021. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.


Users with the following Primary Security Roles will be able to create and complete an Inventory Count and view 'Completed' and 'Approved' Inventory Counts for the Locations that they have access to from the R365 Red App:

  • Full Access
  • Accounting Manager
  • Restaurant Manager

Users with the following Security Roles will be able to edit and approve Inventory Counts via web browser:

  • Full Access (Primary)
  • Accounting Manager (Primary)
  • Approve Stock Count (Secondary)

Users with the following Security Roles will be able to delete Inventory Counts via web browser:

  • Full Access (Primary)
  • Accounting Manager (Primary)
  • Delete Stock Count (Secondary)

Learn more about Security Roles by viewing the Security Role Descriptions training article.


Create and enter an Inventory Count by logging into the R365 Red App, clicking the menuicon, and then selecting 'Inventory Counts'. This will open the Inventory Counts list.

Inventory Counts List

The Inventory Counts list displays all Inventory Counts, which are organized into tabs by their count status. Statuses include: 

  • Incomplete
  • Completed
  • Approved

Users conducting the counts can view information listed on all tabs but can only update counts with a status of 'Incomplete'. Therefore, Users can either select and update an 'Incomplete' Inventory Count from the 'Incomplete' tab or create a new Inventory Count.

Create and Enter an Inventory Count

Inventory Counts can be easily created from any tab in the Inventory Counts list view. Once created, a count can be updated at any time until the count is marked as 'Complete'. Click here to learn more about creating and entering Inventory Counts.

Review and Approve an Inventory Count

Once a count is marked as 'Completed', Users are locked out of making any additional updates, and the count is then sent for review, which will need to be completed via web browser. Click here to learn more about reviewing and approving Inventory Counts.