Recipes can be deleted as long as the following are true:

  1.  The Recipe is not an ingredient for another recipe
  2.  The Recipe has not been included on a transaction
  3.  The Recipe is not connected to a Menu Item

If a Recipe follows the above criteria, a Recipe record can be deleted by opening the record, hovering over the 'Save' menu, and clicking 'Delete'. 

If a Recipe does not follow or cannot be updated to follow the above criteria, then a Recipe can at least be marked as 'Inactive' so that the record remains in R365 but can no longer be used.

To do this, navigate to and open the desired Recipe record from the Recipes listing. On the 'General' tab, deselect the 'Active' checkbox and update the name of the Recipe to ensure that other Users will not mistakenly use the Recipe. When complete, ensure to save the record.

If a Recipe was copied, click here to learn how to update it and then delete the original Recipe record.