At times, AR Payments may be received through the POS as a Sales Account or as a Paid In on the 'Paid Out' tab of the Daily Sales Summary. This Sales Account should be mapped to a GL Account called 'House Account Payment Clearing' and should be given the Sales Account Type of 'House Account Payment'. This GL Account needs to be set up as a Bank Account to apply payment in the AR module.

This article reviews the process of an recording an AR Payment received through the POS.

Step 1: Payment is Received

The Customer pays through the POS, either by Credit Card, Check, or Cash. The payment will then debit Undeposted Funds, and the Sales Account will credit the House Account Payment Clearing GL Account.

Step 2: Record AR Payment

An AR Payment will need to be recorded to clear the corresponding AR Invoice. When creating an AR Payment, ensure to enter the information as it is listed on the DSS, check the 'Deposit Now' checkbox, and then select the House Account Payment Clearing Bank Account from the 'Checking Account' field that appears. 

Approving this payment will debit that account, which will offset the credit made to this account from the DSS that received this payment.