The Job Profile tracks any actions that correspond to a Job posting, including the amount of Applicants who applied from each Source. An overview of Applicant Status as well as detailed graphs about Applicants and each Source can be viewed from this window, enabling the HR team to view the interest posed for these Jobs and analyze the most valuable Sources for future Job postings.


Navigate to the Jobs listing by clicking 'Jobs' in the top ribbon of the Recruiting module. When the Jobs listing opens, click the Job Title of the desired Job to view its Profile.

Job Profile

The Job Profile tracks six key metrics. Along with these metrics, additional actions can be taken from this Profile, including sharing, editing, and closing a Job posting, in the top, right corner of the header.

1) Overview - When the Profile opens, a quick overview of the Job posting will display the Total Applicants as well as the percentage of New Applicants, Rejected Applicants, Applicants in Progress, and New Hires. Clicking 'View Details' next to the 'In Progress' status will show the number of Applicants on each step of the Hiring Process 

2) Applicant Flow Summary Graph - The Applicant Flow Summary graph displays the number of Applicants who applied to this Job posting and on what days. Applicant Status will be displayed below the graph while hovering over each bar will display a tool tip with the number of Applicants that make up each bar and their Status. The date range of this graph can be updated by clicking the dates listed above the graph 

3) Recently Active Candidates - This box displays all recent Applicants for the Job and includes a link to each Applicant's Profile as well as a link to view a listing of all Applicants

4) Activity - This box lists all of the activity completed for this job, including those who have edited the Job posting, contacted Applicants, and more

5) Applicant Sources - This box lists all Sources, both Automatic and Manual, where this Job is currently posted and/or could potentially be posted. Automatic Sources are the Job boards that R365 Hire will post the Jobs to automatically, depending on the Job posting setting chosen. Manual Sources list the additional Sources added by the User(s) where this Job can be posted. To add this Job posting to Manual Sources, click the 'Share' button next to their names and then create a post on those websites for this Job posting. View more Sources by clicking the 'More Sources' button at the bottom of this box

6) Source Conversion Performance Graph - This graph displays the total amount of Job clicks and applications submitted through the various Sources. View more Sources by clicking the 'More Sources' button at the bottom of this box