Basic Recruiting functions can be set up in System Settings. These functions include creating Job Templates, Message Templates, Hiring Processes, Forms, and more. Through this Settings screen, new Users and their notification preferences can added and updated and details about your Careers Page can be managed.


To open System Settings, navigate to the Recruiting module and click 'Settings' in the top ribbon.

Plan & Billing

This screen lists the Subscription Details for R365 Hire.

Company Profile

This profile lists all Company details, including Address, Phone Number, Default Time Zone set for scheduling communication with an Applicant, and the Company's Confidential Account Name. Additional Options are available in regards to how information is shared with Applicants and other Job boards.

Manage Areas

This menu includes three categories that can be used to further define structure within your Organization: Departments, Districts, and Locations. Ensure that a Location record is created for all Locations that will be hiring through R365 Hire. Depending on how large your Organization's network is, creating Departments and Districts can help better organize the Hiring and Onboarding Processes.

Manage Careers Page

This screen includes all of the details about your Careers Page. Navigate to this page whenever your Careers Page ever needs to be updated. Click here to learn more about the Careers Page.

Manage Hiring Process

This menu includes several features of the hiring process that need to be created and organized initially before posting Jobs. These include:

  • Assessments - Personalized assessments can be made and added to the 'Assessment' section of a Hiring Step
  • Hiring Processes - Hiring Processes should be organized to reflect the steps your Organization takes when hiring a new Employee. Click here to learn more about Hiring Processes
  • EEOC - This page enables EEOC, or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Tracking
  • Forms - Unique forms can be created for Applicants to submit their responses and can be incorporated in a Hiring Step of the Hiring Process
  • Interview Scorecards - Scorecards are used to provide consistency among Applicants by tracking Applicant responses to the same questions. Click here to learn more about Interview Scorecards
  • Message Templates - Message Templates help to make communication between the Hiring Manager and the Applicant more efficient. Admin Users simply need to create Custom templates for an Email, Text Message, or both, so that when the 'Contact Applicant' icon is clicked, a listing of all Message Templates will appear. Click here to learn more about Message Templates
  • Offer Letter Templates - These templates allow for the default content of an offer to be saved and updated later to best match the Applicant and Job position. It is recommended to have an Offer Letter Template for the different types of positions offered
  • Rejection Reasons - A list of all potential Rejection Reasons with the ability to add additional reasons as needed. These are often selected when an Applicant is marked as 'Inactive'
  • Resources - A location that stores resource documents for hiring
  • Auto Reject Applicants - Applicants can be automatically rejected if answering a prescreened question marked with a status of 'Disqualify' when the Auto Reject Applicants feature is enabled. When doing so, the system will send a selected Rejection Letter to the Applicant within a set number of days

Manage Jobs Settings

Job Settings can be updated through this menu in System Settings. The four features that make up this menu are:

  • Custom Sources - Sources where Jobs can be posted in addition to the Job boards. Creating these sources will create a link that can be used to share the Job posting
  • Job Templates - Job Templates enable Users to create a basic foundation for a Job posting that can be updated as needed at the time the Job posting is created. Doing so helps to make the Job posting process efficient. Click here to learn more about Job Templates
  • Keywords - Keywords are terms you either do or do not want to see on an incoming Applicant's resume. Using Keywords on your Jobs allows the words on an incoming Applicant's Profile to be highlighted
  • Questionnaires - Questionnaires are a set of Prescreened Questions that were set up for or added to a previous Job posting

Manage User Notifications

Admin Users can update User Notifications through this screen for Users through this screen.

My Profile

This enables the User to view and update their Profile details as needed. Users can link their Calendar and set up the appropriate Time Zone from this window.


All current Users in the system are listed on the Users screen where the following actions can be taken directly from this listing:

  • Invite - Send Applicant the Assessment
  • Assessment Link/URL - A copy of the Assessment link 
  • Applicant Record - Navigation to the Applicant's Profile
  • Undo Hire - This will undo the 'Hire' action taken for this Employee
  • Delete - This will remove the Applicant from the listing

Additionally, new Users can be added through this screen. Click here to learn how to add new Users.