Flexibake AR Transactions can be imported from CSV files to Restaurant365. Imported AR Transactions contain all of the transaction details and are ready for review and approval upon being imported.

AR Transactions can be imported as complete Transactions or as AR Invoice Details in to an existing AR Invoice:

  • Multi-Transaction - Import multiple AR Invoices from a single file
  • AR Invoice Details - Import transaction details in to one AR Invoice from a single file

Speak with your Flexibake rep about having a template set up within Flexibake and how it can be directly sent to your R365 FTP folder.


Two different kinds of Purchased Item records should be created: one for Freight Charges and one for each of the Items listed on the AR Import Template. 

Record Freight Charges

Freight Charges are the costs that are charged in connection with the transportation of your goods. Because these charges will appear on your AR Imports, a Purchased Item record will then need to be created for it.

Create a new Purchased Item record and update the following on the 'General' tab:

1) Name - Freight Charges

2) Type - Purchased

3) Measure Type - Each

4) Number - Freight

5) Available in AR Invoice - Checked

Then, navigate to the 'Sales' tab and enter in the following:

    6)  Selling U of M - Each

    7)  Price Type - Set $ Amount

    8)  Sales Account - Select the desired Sales Account

When completed, 'Save and Close' the record.

Record Items

All items in a Flexibake AR Import file must match the items listed in Restaurant365 for a successful import. To ensure that these items are matched, create new Purchased Item records for all items and enter in their necessary item details from the list below or, if not included, from this Flexibake Products file.

  • Note: All items should have 'Available in AR Invoice' checked on the 'General' tab of their Purchased Item record 


Product CodeProduct NameUnit of Measure/Sell-by UnitPack SizeStandard Price
12012CHALLAH BREAD PLAIN - 10PKpack10$20.00
12345FREIGHT DISCOUNTeach0$1.00
8865RUGGELACH RASP-9PCSpack12$30.60
12082RUGGELACH CHOC-9PCSpack12$30.60
112034" CHOC MOUSSE CAKE - SLpack8$25.36
7502BAGEL BAKED PLAIN - DZdozen1$5.83
7507BAGEL BAKED SESAME - DZdozen1$5.83
11186MUFFIN CORN 4.5 OZdozen1$10.85
10602RUGGELACH APRICOT-9PCSpack12$30.60
120794" CARROT CAKE - SLpack8$25.36
110014" CARROT CAKE - DLpack8$35.68
115634" COOKIES & CREAM CAKE - DLpack8$30.88
6857DANISH CHEESE BAKED - DZdozen1$11.98
110044" OCCASION YELLOW CAKE - DLpack8$30.88
8273LG COOKIE CHOC CHUNK - BAKED - DZdozen1$10.27
12003CROISSANT ROUND BAKED - DZdozen1$10.10
120784" CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE -DLpack8$35.02
WS101416" CHOC MOUSSE CAKE - DLpack6$40.17
115624" COCONUT CAKE - DLpack8$30.88
110054" OCCASION CHOC CAKE - DLpack8$30.88
120804" RED VELVET CAKE - SLpack8$25.36
WS10426SCONE CRANBERRY BAKED - 4CTpack12$31.20
8271BW BLACK & WHITE REGULAR - DZdozen1$10.47
115644" MANHATTAN CAKE - DLpack8$35.02

Flexibake AR Import Template

The Flexibake AR Import Template will provides the details about each AR Invoice, including the different item details and the Freight Charges associated with each invoice. Click here to download the Flexibake AR Import Template.

Import Methods

Files can be imported in to Restaurant365 using FTP. Customers or Users  can upload completed transaction files to their FTP Folder for automatic import. This folder has been automatically created for you and does not neeed a request for FTP site creation. If you aren't sure about whether you have your Restaurant365 FTP setup or have questions on how to access it, review the FTP Overview for more information.

AR Invoice Details can only be imported on an existing AR Invoice. The Invoice header must first be completed, including selecting the Customer and Location for the AR Invoice.  The User should then hover over the 'Action' menu and select 'Import'.