Note: POS Account Rules can be set up to map new and unmapped Job Titles brought in from the POS. Click here to learn about POS Account Rules.

Job Titles offer an optional labor accrual tracking feature to POS integrations to Restaurant365. A Job Title's purpose is to tell Restaurant365 what GL Account to debit when making Labor accrual entries from time punches entered in the POS system. It is a 'mapping' of POS job codes to Restaurant365 GL Accounts.

The Restaurant365 POS integration automatically creates Job Title records (in R365) for every job code imported from the POS to R365 and assigns them to a Location. Each of these newly created Job Titles must be manually mapped to a GL Account during setup (as highlighted in yellow above.)

When the Job Titles feature is activated, the POS integration to Restaurant365 sums up all the time punches made by your staff each day and calculates the total daily spend on hourly labor using the pay rates from the POS system for that day. The entry that is created is separate from the journal entry created from Sales Accounts and Payment Type Accounts on the Daily Sales Summary transaction.

Job Titles are used to map the debit side of the labor accrual transaction and the credit side of the entry comes from the Accrued Payroll Account on the Location setup.