This article is for reference only.

The Restaurant365 Classic App was deprecated in January 2024 and has been removed from appstores. In its place, the Restaurant365 Red App can be used to accomplish daily work.

For questions, please contact your CSM or R365 Support. 

Restaurant365 has two separate Mobile Apps: the Classic Black App and the R365 Red App. Each are used for different purposes and should be utilized on specific devices depending on the tasks that need to be completed.

Both Mobile Apps are beneficial to use on your Tablet, but it depends on the tasks that you wish to accomplish. The tasks listed below allow for a quick, easy entry and view of data. If you need access to Commissary, Reports, advanced Catering and Scheduling options, or any other tasks not listed below, you will need to use a Desktop Browser.

Black App

  • Allows the following actions to occur:
    • Operations
      • Review Daily Sales
      • Create AP Transactions
      • Send Documents to Process
      • View and edit Employee Profiles
      • Enter Inventory Counts (unavailable if the Smart Ops Experience is enabled for your Organization), Waste Logs, and Item Transfers
    • Scheduling 
      • View the Employees Scheduled Now
      • View Shifts
      • View and create Announcements
      • View and edit Employee Profiles
    • Manager Log
      • View the Calendar and Daily Overview
      • View the Flagged Entries
      • View, edit, and create a Task List
      • View, edit, and create a new Log Category
      • View the Document Library
    • Catering Events
      • View Catering Details
  • Mainly for Accounting and Restaurant Managers, but can also benefit Accounting Clerks (AP Transactions), AP Data Entry (AP Transactions and Docs to Process), and Manager Log Admin (Manager Log)

Red App