This article is part of the Direct Bank Connections training. Click here for more information on Direct Bank Connections.

If there have been any change to your Bank Account Login Credentials, or if you Bank Account requires Multi-factor Authentication, your Connected Bank Account will need to be re-authenticated. This article will walk through the steps required to perform your re-authentication.

Step 1: Open 'Manage Bank Connections'


Click on 'Manage Bank Connections' to open the 'Manage Bank Connections' prompt.

Step 2: Click 'Add Bank'

Click the 'Add Bank' button located below all of your connected Banks.

Step 3: Select the Banks you will Re-Authenticate

The next screen that loads will list out each Bank that needs to be re-authenticated. Review the list, unchecking any Banks you do not with to re-authenticate, then click 'Fix Issues'.

Step 4: Re-Authenticate Each Selected Bank

The next screen will load the first selected Bank's authentication screen where you can re-input your bank credentials (and provide any necessary MFA codes / answers if necessary). Continue until each Bank has been re-authenticated.

Step 5: Return to Bank Activity and Retrieve Activity

Once you have successfully re-authenticated, R365 Direct Bank Connections will immediately retrieve the most recent Bank Activity from your Bank.  Please note that this process may take longer than the normal retrieval process as the connection is being re-established.