A new GL Account can be added one of three ways in R365:

  1.  Account Menu
  2.  Setup Assistant
  3.  Import Tool

This document will demonstrate the simplest method of the three: the Account Menu. Refer to the Setup Assistant and Import Tool training articles for more information on using those tools.

Step 1 - Review Existing General Ledger


Before adding a new GL Account, review current General Ledger and GL Accounts list to ensure that no duplicate or similar accounts already exist. Navigate to the 'GL Accounts' list to review the General Ledger.

Step 2 - New Account Form

To create a new Account, hover over the 'Account' menu and select 'New Account'.  The GL Account form will open in a new tab.

Step 3 - Complete Account Form

Click here to review the detailed descriptions of each field on the GL Account Record and the Bank Account Record

  1. Enter the Account Name and Number
  2. Select a Parent Account if necessary  
    • When a Parent Account is selected, this will also automatically set the GL Type
  3. If the Account will not have a Parent Account, select the GL Type for the Account
    • If the GL Type appears on the P&L, the 'Operational Reports Category' selector will appear.  Select the correct Operational Report Category
  4. Set other Account Settings and enter a Description (optional)
    • If the GL Type appears on the Balance Sheet, 'Is Bank Account' will appear.  Check this to reveal the Bank Account settings fields
  5. Review and update Report Settings and Budget Defaults
  6. Save the GL Account to complete the process