Report Roles must be created and assigned to each User in order for that User to access individual Reports located in 'My Reports'.  Click here for more information about My Reports

Alternatively, if all users will need access to 'All Reports', this can be set on the User Record.  Click here for more information on granting access to 'All Reports'

Navigate to Report Roles Setup

Hover over the 'Administration' menu in the Top Ribbon, then hover over the 'Users & Security' sub-menu and select 'Report Roles Setup' to navigate to the Report Roles Setup screen where you will create and update Report Roles.  Upon selecting it, the Report Roles Setup page will load in a new tab.

Auto-generated Report Role - only for Users with a start date prior to September 2017 

For Users that started using Restaurant365 prior to September 2017, Report Roles were generated for each individual User based on the legacy 'Report Favorites' and 'Report Defaults' settings for each User.  These legacy report settings have been replaced with Report Roles as of September 2017.

Each individual User will be represented in the Report Role selector with a generated Report Role using the naming convention: 'User Name's Report Role', as shown below:

Generated User Roles can be renamed, edited, or even deleted as needed.

Note: if a generated Report Role is deleted, the User for which it was generated will need a new Report Role assigned to their User Record in order to view and run any Reports.

Create a Report Role

Click the button to create a new Report Role.

Enter the Report Role Name in the 'New Report Role' prompt, then click to save the role and view the Report Picker.

Two sections will appear: 'Not Available to Report Role', and 'Available to Report Role'.  Each section has a 'Name' and a 'Category' column.  Each column also contains a filter that be used to filter by category, or search for a specific report title.

Click a Report Name to move it from the one column to the other.  This works in adding and removing reports from the Report Role depending on the section where the Report Name is clicked as demonstrated below:

P&L Cutoff

Based on the needs of the User, you can set a specific cutoff location on all variations of the 'P&L Report'.  This means, that if your User doesn't need to see any of the Account balances passed the 'Controllables', or 'Prime Cost' Accounts, you can designate that here.  Simply select the 'P&L Cutoff' by clicking one of the available options:

  1. Full - Will be able to view the full P&L report with all GL Accounts that reside on that report, including all relevant GL Types
  2. Controllable - Will be able to view the P&L report up to and including all GL Accounts with the 'Operating Expense' GL Type
  3. Prime Cost - Will be able to view the P&L report up to and including all GL Accounts with the 'Prime Cost' GL Type


Unlike Transactions records, the Report Role Screen is continually saving each change that is made to a selected Report Role.  Therefore, there is no save option or menu


Select a Report Role in the Report Role Selector, and make any Report changes.  Changes are Saved automatically.

Report Role Names can be updated by selecting the Report Role, then clicking the 'Rename Report Role' button and updating the Report Role name in the Report Role Name prompt


Select a Report Role in the Report Role Selector, then click the 'Delete Report Role' button

Once Report Roles have been setup, the Report Role must be assigned on the User Record.  Click here for more information on Assigning Report Roles