Location Reporting Categories are custom categories that are used for reporting and grouping your Locations.  You can create up to 10 User-defined categories that can then be assigned on Location records.  Some examples include:

  • If your company is separated into Regions, you can create a 'Region' category and assign the Region to your Restaurant Locations
  • If your company contains multiple Restaurant Concepts, you can create a 'Concept' category and assign the Concept type to your Restaurant Locations

Create Location Reporting Categories

Only Users with the 'User Setup' security role have the ability to modify System Preferences and create Location Reporting Categories.  

  1.  Open Preferences and go to the Location Reporting Categories tab (Administration - Preferences in the top ribbon)
  2.  Type a name in the box next to the categories you want to use and then save.  All blank categories will be excluded.

Create Category Values and Assign to Locations

To create category values and assign Locations, follow the steps below:

  1.  Open a location by clicking 'Locations' under (Accounting - Administration - Locations in left-hand navigation pane and then double click a location in the list to open it)
  2.  Go to the Reporting Categories tab (notice that only 3 categories are visible because on Preferences, the other categories were not setup)
  3.  If you find the value you want in the list, then select it
  4.  If the value is not in the list, then add the value by typing the new value in the field and hit Tab. A window will pop up asking if you'd like to add this value.  Choose 'Yes' and a window will pop up where you can edit the name if desired, and then click 'Save' and 'Close'
    • Note: To edit an existing value in the list, select that value and then click the blue label (such as Area in the image above), and it will open that value so you can edit the name. When finished, click 'Save and Close'
  5.  When finished assigning each appropriate value to the location, then 'Save' the location record