This article is part of the documentation for GL Account Records.

Throughout R365, GL Account selection drop-down menus will list all GL Accounts for the associated GL Type. This allows non-Accounting Users to complete AP Invoices, Item Transfers, Waste Logs, and DSS Reviews without access to the Accounting Module. 

If a GL Account should not be available to all Users, it can be restricted by checking the 'Restricted Access - usage' setting on the GL Account Record. Once restricted, this GL Account will only be available to Users who have the following Permission:

  • General Ledger → GL Accounts → Access Restricted GL Accounts

For GL Accounts that do not have 'Restricted Access - usage' enabled, the Account Name / Number will be made available in Operations-based GL Account selection menus for all Users. 

  • Best Practice - Cost (including COGS) and Expense Accounts should not have 'Restricted Access - usage' checked.

'Restricted Access - usage' Example

The GL Account list in the Accounting Module indicates if the GL Account 'Is Restricted Use'. In this example, the 'Restricted Access - usage' checkbox for Account #5100 has not been checked (value of 'No') and the 'Restricted Access - usage' checkbox for Account #5000 has been checked (value of 'Yes').


On an AP Invoice, when the User attempts to select the GL Account that will be used on the Transaction line item, Account #5000 is not visible, while Account #5100 is visible and selectable in the 'Select Account' drop-down menu.