Documents to Process is a feature in Restaurant365 that allows Users to upload a PDF or scanned image of an AP Invoice (or AP Credit Memo) to the system and then enter the details of the transaction at a later time.  The recommended file format for use in Documents to Process is PDF.  Various Vendors will provide Invoices electronically (in PDF form) while other Vendors will only provide physical copies of Invoices.  When physical invoices are received, a User can utilize any scanning technology to produce a PDF scan of the physical invoice (Scanner used in conjunction with a Computer, Scanner/Copier, or various mobile apps that allow the User to scan documents and immediately convert the images to PDF).  The PDF that is produced can then be uploaded to the system

Documents to Process can be Uploaded using the following methods:

  1. AP Automation - a specified Email address can be set up on the System Preference screen.  Restaurant365 will monitor this Email address via POP3.  Organization team members and Vendors can then send emails to that address with PDF invoices attached and those PDFs will be imported into the Documents to Process list.  Each separate Attachment will be imported as a separate Document to Process.  Please refer to the AP Automation Overview for steps on how to set up AP Automation
  2. FTP - Restaurant365 provides an FTP service for all Restaurant365 Customers.  An FTP site, unique to the Customer, will be created and hosted by Restaurant365.  The FTP Site is particularly useful for Vendors to upload AP Transactions via EDI.  Additionally, individual PDFs or large batches of PDFs can be uploaded via FTP for import in to the Documents to Process list.  Click here for more information on how to Access Restaurant365 FTP Site.  
    • Note: FTP Site Credentials are provided to Customers during the initial setup of Restaurant365.  Please contact Restaurant365 Support for any inquiries regarding FTP Site Credentials
  3. Manual Upload - PDFs and images of documents (in Supported File Types) can also be manually uploaded from within the system.  Hover over the 'Vendor' menu in the top ribbon and select 'Upload File'.  This action will open a file selector prompt where the User can select the desired file and perform the upload in to Documents to Process
  4. R365 Mobile App Upload - Users can take a picture of an AP Transaction right on their mobile device and upload it directly to the Documents to Process list using the R365 Mobile App.