Positive Pay Overview

The Positive Pay feature (sometimes referred to as Safe Pay) allows the User to export a list of Checks from R365 in a format to be uploaded to the Bank. The purpose of the upload is to alert the Bank of these checks so they can be cashed. This is a service offered by many banks to ensure that only approved checks can be cashed.

Positive Pay Exports can be produced on the Check Run.  In order to produce the Positive Pay Export file, the Positive Pay Report must first be assigned on the Bank Record.  Click here for information on ACH Reports

Positive Pay Setup

  1. Open the 'Banks' list (not Bank Accounts) located in the 'Administration' subsection of the Accounting Module

  2. Open the Bank Record that will be used to create Positive Pay exports
  3. Type the name of the Positive Pay Report into the Positive Pay Report field (see table below for all available report names)

  4. Save the Bank Record

Using Positive Pay

Positive Pay export is accessible for Checks created using the Check Run feature only. It is accessible during the Check Run and can also be accessed after closing the Check Run. Perform the following to access Positive Pay during the Check Run: 

  1. After creating the Checks a screen will pop up with a button titled 'Export Positive Pay', click this button to produce the Positive Pay Export file

  2. Follow your Bank's procedure to properly upload the Positive Pay file

To access Positive Pay after the Check Run is closed, navigate to 'My Reports' and use the 'Positive Pay Export' report found on the Banking tab.  Customize the settings the click the 'TXT' button to export the report.

Example Positive Pay Exports and Report Names

In the following table are the current Positive Pay Report names, along with a sample export file for each Report.  All samples were produced on 3/27/18 using the following sample data:

Vendor Name: Utility Vendor

Payment Date: 3/27/18

Checking Account: 1020 - Checking 1

Location: Location 100

Next Check Number: 448

Total Check Run (1 check): $600.00

Vendor Bank Account / Routing Numbers: 123456789 / 987654321

Positive Pay Report Name
Positive Pay Output
Positive Pay Export
Positive Pay Export Output
Positive Pay Export - Wells Fargo Fraud Manager
Positive Pay Export - Wells Fargo Fraud Manager Output
Positive Pay Export - Wells Fargo Safe-T
Positive Pay Export - Wells Fargo Safe-T Output
Positive Pay Export - TD Bank
Positive Pay Export - TD Bank Output
Positive Pay Export - Opus
Positive Pay Export - Opus Output
Positive Pay Export - Citizens
Positive Pay Export - Citizens Output
Positive Pay Export - Chase
Positive Pay Export - Chase Output