A Manual Payment is used for creating a single Ap Payment for a single Vendor.  Manual Payments can be created before the corresponding AP Invoice has been entered in to Restaurant365.

To create a Manual Payment, hover over the Vendor menu in the top ribbon and select ‘Manual Payment’.  A blank AP Payment form will open in a new tab

Manual Payment

Enter a Manual Payment

  1. Select the Checking Account that will provide the funds for the AP Payment.  The Number field will populate with the next check number for the selected Account.  The Location will populate based on the Location assigned to the selected Bank Account.  Update the Location as needed
  2. Next, select the Vendor. Note: to create a payment for a non-vendor, utilize the Bank Withdrawal / Bank Expense form
  3. Enter the Amount.  Add an optional comment if desired
  4. Save or Approve the Payment to complete the transaction

Print a Manual Payment

To print a physical check from the AP Payment form, hover over 'Action' and select 'Print Check'.  See Printing Checks for more information

Apply a Manual Payment

Any Approved AP Invoices that are entered for the same Vendor and same Location will be listed in the 'Apply' grid.  Check the 'Apply' checkbox to Apply the AP Payment to an existing AP Invoice.  Save the transaction to complete the Apply process

Recording Online Banking, Manual Check, Wire, or ACH Payments

If a payment is made using another payment method outside of Restaurant365, the Payment record can be entered in to Restaurant365 as a Manual Payment.  If the Payment Method for the Vendor is set as 'Credit Card' or 'Auto-Direct Debit' no check will be generated when creating a Manual Payment.  If the Payment Method is Check and a check was written outside of Restaurant365, record the Payment here as a Manual Payment, and delete the Check PDF that is generated without printing the Check