Accounting FAQs

Why aren't transactions checked off on my Bank Reconciliation?
For your Bank Reconciliation, transactions would only be checked off if matched in the Bank Activity or if manually reconciled. It will not be checked off if manually un-reconciled or not matched in Bank Activity.  If items were originally ch...
Why can't I 'add' a transaction in Bank Activity from the Unmatched tab?
This typically happens when the date and location you are adding to is in a Legal Entity with a closed period, as you cannot add transactions to dates that are prior to a closed period. Check your Legal Entity record to see the closed date.
Why won't my Bank Activity file upload?
There are multiple reasons why your Bank Activity file will not upload:  The file needs to be in a QFX or QBO format only. You can get this format directly from your bank or use a conversion tool that changes a CSV file into a QFX or QBO. http...
What kinds of bank upload files does R365 support?
When uploading bank activity, R365 supports both .qfx (Quicken) and .qbo (Quickbooks) formats. Training:  Bank Activity  Additional training on Bank Activity in the R365 Academy
Why are my deposits not polling along with the rest of my DSS?
This typically happens when the deposit is being entered after the DSS has already polled into R365. Please check with your store managers to make sure all deposits are entered during the day, before overnight polling. If the deposit has been ent...
How do I recreate a DSS Journal Entry?
When a Daily Sales Summary Journal Entry displays multiple line items for the same account or does not display an update made to an account, often times you will need to recreate the DSS Journal Entry.  DSS Journal Entries can be recreated:  ...
How do I login to my Bank if I have multiple logins for multiple Bank Accounts?
Most banks require one log in to access multiple accounts, but some institutions enable Users to add multiple accounts using multiple sets of credentials. An issue arises, however, when security updates or password changes are made, causing the i...
What is the timeline for R365 Payments?
The Timeline for R365 Payments is as follows: Checks. Approved checks processed before 8 am PST/11 am EST will be same day printing and mailed via USPS 1st Class. Payments processed after this time will be mailed the next day. ACH Payments. Pa...
Why didn't my R365 Payment go through?
If a R365 Payment does not go through, it could be for the following reasons:  You are leaving the Submission Loading screen before the payment is complete.  Solution: Resubmit the payment and wait to see the successful confirmation message. ...
How do I prepare a Remittance Advice for an ACH Vendor?
The only time an automated prompt will appear asking if you would like to print a Remittance Advice is you pay a Vendor for more than 16 items; otherwise, you will not be prompted. However, if an ACH Vendor requests a Remittance Advice, you can c...
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