Accounting FAQs

What options are there to pay bills?
When paying bills in R365, you have the option of creating a manual payment under the Vendor tab, creating a check run under the Vendor tab, or selecting the Pay Bill option under the action tab on the AP Invoice. All three of these options offer...
How do I unreconcile a payment or deposit?
To unreconcile a payment or deposit in R365, you must first make sure that the Bank Reconciliation is Unapproved and then unmatch the payment or deposit and rebalance the Bank rec.  If these transactions need to be used later, then leave them...
Why didn't my DSS / Sales poll from our POS?
There could be multiple reasons that this happens:  Your internet was down or running very slow.  You were running an update on your back office, POS computer, causing the polling to timeout.  Your back office, POS computer was shut down over...
Why aren't the numbers on my POS report matching my DSS journal entry lines?
You may need to map Sales Accounts and Payment Types in the system. See “To-Do-List” under the Accounting tab. If everything is mapped, and there is nothing in your “To-Do-List,” please contact R365 Support for assistance.
What are the best practices for setting up Fiscal Years?
Overall, you want to align your Fiscal Years so that there are no gaps from one year to the next. For Operational Fiscal Year setup, you want to make sure that your operational weeks start on the same weekday year over year, so you can compare op...
How do I unreconcile a bank reconciliation?
Bank Reconciliations often need to be unreconciled when a Daily Sales Summary needs to be deleted and re-polled.  Note: Before following the steps below, it is recommended to run the Reconciliation Report. This report is always as of you...
How do I unapprove a DSS after running payroll?
Payroll Journal Entries are created to balance out the payroll noted on the Daily Sales Summary. Therefore, after a Payroll JE is entered, the Payroll Accrual should be cleared on all of the DSSs within the selected date range. One way to view if...
When should I enter a Beginning Balance transaction?
Beginning Balance transactions transfer remaining balances from your Legacy system to R365 and are mostly entered during the implementation process. The only time(s) when an additional Beginning Balance transaction would need to be entered is...
Why aren't my Bank Rules matching?
Bank Rules often times do not match properly due to the following reasons:  The Conditions are too strict  The Bank Rule's details do not match correctly  An updated Bank Rule did not save 1) Conditions are too Strict The Condi...
How do I update an account if it's being used in Financial Report Writer?
When updating a GL Account, you may receive an error message like the one displayed above. This means that there is a report in Custom Financial Reports that has this GL Account record saved on it. Therefore, you will first need to update th...
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