System Setup

Import Tool
Restaurant365 comes with an import tool which allows end Users to import many types of records, such as Vendors, GL Accounts, Items, Beginning Balances, Recipes, Item Locations, Vendor Items, etc.  These imports can create new records or update e...
R365 Consolidated Setup Template
The following Consolidated Setup Template can be used to prepare various records for import during the initial setup of R365.  While each tab represents a different record type, they are all provided in the same workbook.  This template should be...
Clear Cache and Cookies on Web Browser
Due to the nature of modern web browsers, it is occasionally necessary to clear the browser Cache and Cookies in order for R365 to function properly.  The following articles will describe how to perform this action for the most common web browser...
User Preferences
The User Preferences Screen enables a User to select a default Location to auto-populate the Location field in both the AP Invoice Entry and the GL Journal Entry. Setting default Locations for both can make the input of these entries faster ...
Internal Support Link
The Internal Support Link, located in System Preferences, allows an Admin to add an Internal Support link for their organization's Users. Whenever a User sees R365 error messages, their Customer-specific support link will be pulled and the U...
Undeposited Funds
For information on the Undeposited Funds value found at Administration > Preferences > Accounts, see our documentation in "System Preferences: Accounts".
Training Videos
For access to training videos, see "R365 Academy Overview".
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