This article is part of Purchase Orders and covers purchase orders in the R365 App.

Users can create, edit, review, and submit purchase orders from within the R365 App. This allows users to create purchase orders from anywhere in the restaurant using their mobile device. 

This article includes the following topics:


The permissions listed here are associated with Purchase Orders These permissions can be added to custom user roles or single users. Learn more about managing permissions and custom user roles here

Purchase Order permissions are found in the permission tree as follows:

  • Food

    • Purchasing

      • Purchase Order Templates

        • View Purchase Order Templates

      • Purchase Orders

        • View Purchase Orders

        • Send/Submit Purchase Orders

        • Edit Purchase Orders

        • Create Purchase Orders

        • Delete Purchase Orders

      • Shopping Lists

        • View Shopping Lists

        • Use Shopping Lists

The Permission Access report can be used to determine which user roles or users already have these permissions assigned.

Learn more about user setup and security here.

The Orders screen can be found by tapping Orders from under Food in the mobile navigation menu.

Orders List

Single-Vendor The list of all single-vendor purchase orders. 
Multi-VendorThe list of all in-progress multi-vendor purchase orders.

Note: Once a multi-vendor order is submitted, the individual purchase orders will appear on the single-vendor orders list.
SearchSearches and sorts the list of purchase orders by the keywords typed. 
FilterOpens filter options for the purchase order list. Users can filter the list to sort the list as selected. 
Quick FiltersFilters the list to only contain the filters that match the quick filter's criteria.
Order EntryAn individual purchase order entry. Tapping on an entry will open the purchase order details screen.
+Create OrderCreates a new purchase order entry.

Order Entry

Each order entry on the list of orders shows information about the order. 

Purchase Order NumberThe identifying purchase order number or name given to the purchase order.

Note: On a multi-vendor order entry, this will show the Location placing the order. 
VendorThe name of the vendor that the order is for. 
DateThe purchase order's order date.
Total The total cost of the items on the order. 
Number of ItemsThe number of different items on the purchase order.
StatusThe status of the purchase order.

Order Statuses

When marked In Progress, the purchase order is editable and not submitted. 
When marked  Submitted, the purchase order has been reviewed and submitted as an email to the vendor email on file.

Note: Submitted purchase orders are not editable unless
When marked Invoiced, the purchase order has been completed and invoiced. 

Creating a Purchase Order

Users can create a purchase order from either of the single-vendor or multi-vendor purchase order list. To learn more about creating a purchase order int he R365 App, click here.