The AP Transactions table displays the current status of all AP payments that were made using R365 Payments. If the payment was made using R365 Payments, the R365 Payment Status column displays one of the following statuses:

  • Blank Status - No action has been taken on the payment.
  • Not Sent - The Payment tab was closed before the payment was sent, or a connection issue prevented the payment from being finalized. When this happens, the user can resubmit the payment for processing.
  • Removed - The scheduled payment has been cancelled and will not process on the scheduled date. 
  • Issued - Payment has been completed and issued to vendor.
  • Processing - Payment is being processed by R365 Payments. Payments take approximately one business day to process.
  • Action Needed - An error has occurred within payment processing. Please contact Support for assistance.
  • Submitted - The payment has been submitted but has not been issued to the vendor. Please contact Support for assistance.
  • Voided - Payment has been voided.