The Employee Merges report provides users with a list of possible duplicate employee records for all locations to which the user has access. The report also provides a reason for suggesting the merge by calling out duplicated information. 

Note: Only users with the Merge Employees permission enabled will be able to view and run this report. 

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  1. In the Reports section of the left navigation pane, select My Reports.
    The My Reports screen appears.
  2. At the top of the My Reports screen, select Labor.
    The screen generates a list of reports in alphabetical order.
  3. Locate the Employee Merge Report.
  4. Select Customize to adjust the report parameters and run the report.

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Report Parameters

Filter ByLocation reporting category by which to filter the report.

Note: Options in the Filter By menu are configurable and specific to your organization. For more information, see System Preferences: Location Reporting Categories and Location Record: Reporting Categories.
FilterAllows users to apply one or more filter options from the location reporting category that they selected in the Filter By menu. The selected filters determine which locations appear in the generated report.

For example, if Filter By is set to Region, the Filter menu might include options such as North, South, East, and West. A user can select West to display all locations belonging to this reporting category.

Note: Options that appear in the Filter menu are configurable and specific to your organization. For more information, see System Preferences: Location Reporting Categories and Location Record: Reporting Categories.
View optionsSelect, save, edit, or delete a report view.
For more information about these controls, see My Reports: Using My Reports.
RunGenerate the report.
Select the arrow to Export, Email, or Print the report.

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Report Columns

Match ReasonIndicates whether the employee match is suggested based on matching Employee Name, Email Address, or Payroll ID.
Employee NameName of the employee.
Hire DateDate when the employee was hired.
Email AddressEmail address used to contact the employee.
Payroll IDNumber used to identify the employee for processing payroll.
Primary LocationPrimary location where the employee works.
Primary JobPrimary job that the employee works.
Import SourceLists the external system(s) from which the employee record was imported. If multiple systems are listed, each system name is separated by a comma. If the record was created in R365, R365 appears in the column.
Employment StatusIndicates whether the employee is Active, Separated, or on Leave.
R365 Employee IDNumber used to identify the employee within R365.

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Email, Export, or Print the Report

This report can be emailed, exported, or printed in custom formatting directly from the reporting window. Click here to learn how to send, export, or print this report.

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