This article covers the employee user profile screen on the R365 app. 

From the employee user profile, users can do the following:

  • View their associated locations
  • View and edit selected contact information
  • View and request edits of their weekly availability
  • Access the time off form
  • Change their login password
  • Make tax statement elections (My Pay users only)


Users can navigate to the employee user profile in two ways:

  • Tapping the user profile icon from the mobile navigation menu or
  • Navigating to the Schedule screen, then tapping the Profile tab

Employee User Profile

NameThe name of the employee. When users have an address added, it will appear beneath the user's name. 
LocationThe location(s) associated with the user.

When tapped, this will open a list of locations along with the jobs that the user holds at the location. 
Contact InformationTap to view the contact information that the employer has on file. Users can edit the following:
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
AvailabilityTap to view and/or edit weekly availability. 
Request Time OffTap to open a new time off form. 
Update PasswordTap to update the user login password. 
Paperless Tax Statements ToggleToggle on to receive an electronic copies of W2s or other tax statements.

Toggle off to receive paper copies of tax statements.

Note: This toggle is only available to users whose organizations use My Pay