This article is part of mobile Time Off Accruals and covers requesting time off using time off accruals. 

When Time Off Accruals is enabled for an organization, users will encounter an experience that differs from the standard time off request experience. Requesting time off using time off accruals will require users to select a time off type. The hours requested will debit from the balance of the time off type selected. 


Creating a New Time Off Request

Users can create a new time off request from the mobile dashboard, the My Time Off Screen, or the Requests screen. 

Note: Only Users with PTO Accruals will be able to access the My Time Off dashboard widget and My Time Off screen. To learn about standard time off requests, click here. 

Mobile Dashboard
My Time Off Screen
Requests Screen

Time Off Request Form

When a new time off request is created, users will be prompted to complete the time off request form. When PTO Accruals is enabled, the form will require users to select an available accrual policy to draw their hours from and summarize the hours balance. 


Time Off TypeTap to select the accrual policy to debit the time off hours from. 
Date and Time Select the start date and time and the end date and time for the time off request.
NotesTap and type to enter any notes related to the time off request. Managers will be able to read these notes when reviewing the request for approval.
SummaryThe summary of hours based on the accrual type and hours requested. This includes the following information:
  • Current Balance - The number of hours accrued and available to utilize for the accrual type.
  • Requested Balance - The amount of hours being requested. This section updates as the start/end date/time is changed.
  • Remaining Balance - The balance that will remain after the requested hours are taken from the current balance.

Note: The summary section does not appear until a time off type is selected. 
Submit RequestOnce all required information is included, tap to submit the request. 

Entering a New Time Off Request Using Accruals

To enter a new time off request, follow these steps:

Tap the Time Off Type field to open the type of type selections. Then, select an accrual policy from the list. This list will feature all the policies assigned to the user.

The hours requested will be deducted from the balance of the accrual policy selected. 
Tap the Start Date to open the calendar to select the start/end date/time.
First tap the start date section to make the date and time selections for when the time off request is to begin. 
Select a date by tapping a day on the calendar.

Note: Dates covered in black circles are blackout dates and cannot be selected.
The default time setting is all-day, which means that the request will default to the max number of hours per day selected (8).

To set the request to a specific time frame , tap the All-day button and make a time selection.
Tap the End Date section. Then, repeat steps 4 and 5 to set an end date and time.
Tap and type in the notes section to leave a note for the manager. This section is optional. Anything typed in this section will be visible by the approving manager. 
Review the current balance, requested hours, and remaining balance. Ensure that the hours requested are correct. 
Tap to submit the the request for manager approval.

Important Notes About Time Off Requests

Employees Assigned to Multiple Locations

For employees assigned to multiple locations, time off request actions will apply to all locations that the user is associated with. 

  • Submitted Requests - When a time off request is submitted, it is automatically submitted to all restaurant locations that the user is associated with. 
  • Approval/Denial - When a request is approved or denied from a single location, it will be approved/denied for all locations.
  • Canceled Requests - When an employee elects to cancel a time off request, the time off request will be withdrawn from all locations.

Max Daily Hours

The max number of PTO hours that can be credited per day is 8 hours. This means that when 'All-day' is selected, or when the number of hours selected for a 24 hour day exceeds 8,  the amount per day requested will be capped at 8. 

If the amount of hours selected for a day is less than 8, then the calculated number of hours will be requested. 

Negative Balances

Some accrual polices will allow the existence of negative balances. When negative balances are allowed, the balance reflected in the remaining balance will be shown in red with a negative symbol.

Balance Calculations 

When a time off request is submitted, the existing balance will remain the same until the time off date(s) has passed. Once passed, the balances shown for the accrual policy will recalculate and be reflected on the My Time Off dashboard widget and the My Time Off screen.