This article is an overview of the AP Capture AI, which uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically complete forms on the Documents to Process page of the R365 Accounting software. 

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The AP Capture AI tool uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automate AP invoice processing, saving valuable time and resources.

Once an invoice has been uploaded in Documents to Process, select the document to open the Draft Transaction. If OCR is enabled, the fields on the Draft Transaction screen are automatically completed by the software. If any corrections need to be made, the fields can be manually adjusted. Alternatively, a user can select the Review OCR Mapping button above the Document Previewer. This opens Review OCR Mapping, where you can instruct the tool by making mapping corrections directly on the invoice. When corrections are made in Review OCR Mapping, the tool remembers these mapping selections to improve automation for future invoices. To learn how to correct mapped fields, see Documents to Process: Correcting OCR Mapping.

Users can access and review documents that were created in the past 90 days from the Recently Completed tab of the Documents to Process page.

For more information on processing documents in R365, see Documents to Process Overview.

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The permissions listed here are associated with OCR. These permissions can be added to custom user roles or single users. Learn more about managing permissions and custom user roles here.


Permissions to edit OCR mappings are found in the permission tree as follows:

  • System Setup
    • Edit OCR Mappings

The Permission Access report can be used to determine which user roles or users already have these permissions assigned. Learn more about User Setup and Security here.

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About Review OCR Mapping

File NameFile name of the document.
Submit CorrectionsSaves mapping corrections and informs the software to improve accuracy for future mapping.
Document windowDisplays an interactive version of the document. Click and drag to draw boxes around items in the document and map them to fields.
FieldsDisplays a list of fields along with the data that is currently mapped to each field.
TablesData that has been extracted from the document using a table. Tables can be used to extract rows of data from the document. Assign column headers to the correct data type and select the checkmarks in each cell to confirm that the data is correctly mapped.
ZoomZoom in or out to better view the document.
Show GridsIf selected, grid lines appear around data that was mapped using a table.
Add TableAdd a new table to extract data from the document.

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