This article reviews the Year End Checklist page within Workforce. Here, users can track tasks related to end-of-year payroll processing and employee W-2s

Article Topics:

First, navigate to Workforce.

In the left navigation menu, click 'Year End Checklist' under 'Payroll' to open the Year End Checklist page.



The following permissions are associated with the Year End Checklist page:

  • Payroll
    • Workforce Payroll
      • Year End
        • View Year End Module
        • Edit Year End Module

Year End Checklist - Field and Button Descriptions

Payroll Company SelectorClick to change the payroll company that the year end checklist is displayed for.
Search, Filter, and Export - Search task name and description for entered text
 - Save/edit table views
 - Filter column information
 - Rearrange columns
- Export the table to a .csv file
- Refresh

Learn more about working with smart grids here.
 Task CheckmarkClick to mark the task as completed.

- Incomplete
- Complete
 TaskTask name and details, including notes regarding deadlines and steps to complete the task.

Click on text displayed in blue to open pages related to the task or to contact R365 Support. 
 Due DateDate task should be completed for proper end-of-year payroll processing.

If a task is incomplete and the due date has passed, the date will be displayed with an alert icon.

Completed ByUser who marked the task as complete and timestamp that the task was completed.

Important Note

For proper end-of-year payroll processing, all tasks on the Year End Checklist page must be completed. Learn more about all year end tasks here

The following tasks are required and have firm deadlines that cannot be extended

Task2023 Deadline Notes
Process Final Payroll of 202311 am MST on 12/27/2023Earnings associated with pay runs approved after the deadline will not have a pay date in 2023.

These earnings will be paid in 2024 and will appear on 2024 tax documents. 
Review & Verify W-2sAny corrections for W-2s must be submitted to R365 Support by 1/5/24.W-2 corrections submitted after 1/5/24 will require W-2C requests.