Autopilot Defaults can be setup in R365 Hire to create a more streamlined scheduling process. Autopilot Defaults allow Users to schedule interviews with a single click. 

Autopilot Defaults are Autopilot Configurations for a particular Autopilot hiring step of a specific job. Once configured, they can be applied to all future applicants who apply for the job. Applying an Autopilot Default to an applicant means that the all interview scheduling details will be prefilled.

Separate Autopilot Defaults must be configured for the different Hiring Steps for each job. Each Autopilot Default only applies to the Hiring Step of the specific Job.

This article covers the following topics:


Only Admins and Full Access Users can create and edit Autopilot Defaults. 

Users with Limited Access can toggle off an Autopilot Default and make changes to Autopilot before launching. However, they cannot change the default configuration itself. 

Autopilot Defaults can be created when Autopilot for an Applicant.  To create an Autopilot Default, click the 'Begin Autopilot' button from the Applicants page once the Applicant has reached an Autopilot Hiring Step.

Creating an Autopilot Default

Once the 'Begin Autopilot' button is clicked, the Begin Autopilot sidesheet will open. To create an Autopilot Default, follow these steps:

1. Select the type of Interview. Users can select from the following options:
  • In Person
  • Phone
  • Interview

2. Enter the Interview Details. The Details required here will be dependent on the Interview type provided. Users may see the following:
  • In Person: Interview Location address
  • Phone: The applicant's phone number
  • Video: Video Link Creation or details

3. Enter how long the Interview will last

4. Add the individual who will be conducting the Interview

5. Select an expiration date for the Interview Link. This is how long the applicant has to schedule an Interview using the provided link

6. Turn on the Toggle in the bottom left corner of the sidesheet. This toggle must be on to save these settings as an Autopilot Default

Once all steps have been completed, click 'Launch' to begin Autopilot for the current Applicant as well as save the Autopilot Default for this job's current Autopilot Hiring Step.

Using Autopilot Defaults 

Once the Autopilot Default has been saved, it will be used the next time that Autopilot is started for an applicant. All interview scheduling details will be pre-filled. 

When an Autopilot Default has been applied, Users will see a notice at the top of the 'Begin Autopilot' sidesheet. 

Users can review the information and click 'Launch.'

Overriding an Autopilot Default

In some cases, Users may need to override the Autopilot Default to change information or edit any fields. To do this, click the toggle on the Autopilot Defaults notice at the top of the sidesheet. 

Once this is toggled OFF, Users can edit the Autopilot Details as necessary. 

When an Autopilot Default has been overridden, Users will see the following toggle at the bottom of the sidesheet.

  • When toggled ON, this will update the previously saved Autopilot Default for this hiring step of this job, and all future Applicants will automatically use these new settings 
  • When toggled OFF, any changes made to the Autopilot details will only apply to this Applicant. There is no impact on future Applicants

Editing Autopilot Defaults from an Existing Job

Users can also set Autopilot Defaults from an Existing Job. This can be done by editing an existing job. To edit Autopilot Defaults from an existing Job, first, open the 'Jobs' page, then follow these steps:

  1. Locate the correct Job and click 'Edit' from the Actions column. This will open the Job Posting in Edit Mode

  2. From the Job Posting Edit Mode, navigate to the 'Hiring Settings' tab

  3. When the Autopilot Hiring Process is selected, Users will see the 'Set Autopilot Defaults' setup for the available Autopilot Hiring Steps

  4. Click a Hiring Step to edit the Autopilot details. Edit the Details as necessary

  5. Once the Autopilot Default details are edited, click the 'Update Job Post' button  to update the Job and save the changes.

The Autopilot Defaults will now be applied to all future Applicants for this Job.