The Synexus Sales Tax Export exports sales tax data from R365 into a .csv file, which can then be uploaded to Synexus for processing. 

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To navigate to the Synexus Sales Tax Export, first open the Reports page clicking 'My Reports' from under 'Reports' in the left navigation menu. 

Click the 'Financial' tab, then locate the Synexus Sales Tax Export.

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Report Parameters

1) Filter By - A Listing of all Location categories

2) Filter -  A listing of all Locations associated with the selected Location category 

3) Start Date - The beginning date for the report 

4) End Date - The ending date for the report

5) DSS Status - Whether to include information with DSS status of Approved, Unapproved, or both

6) Invoice Status -  Whether to include information with Invoice status of Approved, Unapproved or both

7) Download - Click to download the Synexus Sales Tax information as a .csv file

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Report Columns

1) Date - The day, month, and year associated of the data

2) GrossSales - The Gross Sales dollar amount based on the DSS for this date

3) TaxExemptSales - All Tax Exempt Sales or Sales in which the the Sales Category on the Sales Details has a category name like “Tax Exempt”

4) TaxableSales - The dollar amount of Taxable Sales recorded this date

5) ThirdPartySales - The dollar amount total of Third Party Sales. This column is made up of sales tied to a Sales Account Category of '3rd Party Delivery'

6) SalesTaxCollected - The dollar amount total of Sales Tax collected on this date

7) UseTax - All Use Tax details. This column will have information when the Invoice Detail is tied to a Vendor that has the 'Use Tax' checkbox checked

8) LocationName - The Restaurant Location name

9) LocationCity - The city of the Location

10 LocationState - The state of the Location

11) LocationZipCode - The Location's zip code

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