This article is part of the R365 Red App My Pay and covers employee onboarding

New employees can complete their onboarding tasks from the R365 app.  From the mobile dashboard, users can see their onboarding status from the Onboarding widget. From this widget, users can also elect to resume their onboarding tasks, which include updating personal information, reviewing and signing documentation, and electing payment options. 

This article covers the following topics:

Onboarding Status Widget

Users can see their Onboarding status from the mobile dashboard by looking at the Onboarding widget. 

Onboarding Location

The Location of the onboarding status. 

  • Note - When users are onboarding for multiple locations, they can swipe left and right on the widget to view their onboarding status for other locations.

Tasks CompletedThe number of the tasks completed compared to the number of tasks needed to complete.
Onboarding Stage Status

The three stages of Onboarding and whether they have been completed. Completed stages will have green check icon . Incomplete stages will feature their respective icon. Users will see the following three onboarding stages:

  • About You - Important employee information is input in this stage
  • Documents - Necessary documentation is reviewed and/or signed in this stage
  • Get Paid - Payroll information is input in this stage
Resume Onboarding Link

Click to resume the onboarding process. This will open the web view of employee onboarding and allow users to continue where they left off.

Getting Started

Logging In 

Once hired, Employees will receive an Onboarding invitation to begin the R356 Employee Onboarding Process. 

Users are encouraged to first download the R365 Red App before selecting the click here link. However, users without the application can proceed with clicking the browser link, which will open the Restaurant365 link in the user's preferred mobile browser. 

Users can log in with their username and temporary password designated in the email. Upon login, first time users will be required to create a new password before continuing. Click Save Password to continue.

Users using their mobile browser will be taken straight to their Onboarding tasks. However, users logging in via the R365 Red App will be met with the R365 Red App Mobile Dashboard. To proceed to Onboarding, tap the Resume Onboarding button from the Onboarding widget.

Employee Tax Statement Options

When logging in to the R365 App the first time, users will be prompted with a message that requires them to make a tax statement election before continuing. Users will select whether to receive W2s and other tax statements electronically or by paper. The selection made here can later be changed from the employee user profile.

Mobile Onboarding Process

The Mobile Onboarding Process has three stages:

  • About You - Important Employee information is input in this section
  • Documents - Necessary documentation is reviewed and/or signed in this section
  • Get Paid - Payroll information is input in this section

As users continue through each stage in the process, their process will be tracked at the top of the screen. A green check icon indicates a completed section . Blue icons indicate that the section is currently in-progress, and gray icons have not yet been visited.

To complete onboarding, follow these steps:

Users will navigate to the Welcome Aboard screen. This page will list the Onboarding Manager and share a message from the manager. Click Get Started to begin.

This will open the About You section where their information can added or updated. Once completed, click Continue.

In the About You section, complete each section. Some sections may have auto-filled information based on the employee application.

Identification Information including:
  • SSN or TIN
  • Birthday
  • Preferred Pronouns

Legal Name including 
  • Legal First Name
  • Legal Middle Name
  • Legal Last Name
  • Indication of a preferred name

Note: Legal Name fields will not accept special characters or numbers. Hyphens and spaces are accepted.

Demographic Information updates including:
  • Race
  • Ethnicity 
  • Gender

Contact Information including:
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Preferred Contact Method
Address Information including:
  • Street Address
  • Apartment, Suite info
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Emergency Contact Info(Optional) including:
  • Contact First Name
  • Contact Last Name
  • Relation
  • Email
  • Phone Number

Users will then navigate to the Documents stage in the process where users will review, sign, complete, or upload any documents required of their employer. To continue, first agree to the use of E-Signature by reading the information and tapping I agree.
Here, users will have the opportunity to review and complete the required documents from the document list. To begin, tap a document entry from the list.

All required Tax Forms are found in the Tax Forms option on the document list. All others listed are documents required of the employee's organization.  
Some documents only require users to review the document and sign. In this case, open the document, review its contents, and tap Sign Document. Then, select I agree, type a full signature, and tap Done.

Some documents, like the I-9 Employment Eligibility Form may ask users to upload documents. To upload, simply click Upload Document, and select where the file is from.

As documents are completed, they will appear with a green check icon and be marked as . The Continue button will remain disabled until all documents are completed. Once all documents are completed, tap Continue to move on to the next section.
Users will then be navigated to the final section, Get Paid where they can update their pay frequency, payment method, and bank information, as necessary. Once completed, tap Continue.

Note: Pay Frequency and Payment Method options will be dependent on what employers have made available. Only users that select Direct Deposit will be required to include bank account information.

Once all three sections have been complete, the onboarding process is now complete! Users will be prompted with a final notification that they have finished onboarding.

Users that completed onboarding via the R365 App will return to the mobile dashboard screen, and users that complete their onboarding via mobile browser will navigate to their My Pay homepage.