This article covers drilling down in R365 Intelligence, an R365 add-on feature. 

Users can Drill Down on Data from their Intelligence Dashboard(s). Drilling Down on Data allows Users to view the Data at levels other than the levels that appear in the Visualization. Users can choose to drill down, up, or across attributes and select metrics. 

This article covers the following topics:

Drill On an Attribute

To Drill Down on an Attribute first, open a Dashboard. 

  • Note: Drilling can be done from Dashboard View mode or Edit mode

After opening the Dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Visualization and Attribute or Attribute Element to Drill

  2. Right click the Attribute to open the dropdown menu

  3.  From the dropdown menu, select 'Drill' and the object to Drill

    • Important Note: When 'Drill' is selected, Users the Drill options Users will see will be all the Attributes from the Datasets panel aside from the one being being drilled. Users cannot drill into a Data Object that is not added to the Datasets panel

Undo Drilling

To easily Undo Drilling, click the 'Undo' Button from the top left corner. This method works for Drilling done in View Mode or Edit Mode. 

If the Drill was on an Attribute Element, Users can also remove the Drilling from the Visualization by following these steps:

  1. Hover over the Visualization to display the remove Filter icon in the top left corner of the Visualization. Then, click the icon

  2. Click 'Clear Drill Conditions'

  3. In the Editor pane, replace or remove any Attributes or Metrics that were removed or added as part of the Drilling

    Example: If the Fiscal Year was Drilled down to a single Fiscal Month, remove Fiscal Month from the Editor, and replace it with the original Attribute, Fiscal Year