Review the most recent changes in R365!  

April 27th, 2023

Mobile Announcement Management

Users with Announcement management permissions can now create and edit Announcements from the R365 Red App!

Mobile Scheduling Enhancements

Mobile Scheduling has been updated! The following enhancements have been made to Schedule Requests:

  • A New Create Button was added to the 'Requests' screen. Users can now easily create and submit new Time Off Requests or Availability Changes

  • Listed Shifts now show names.  The Shifts listed on the schedule now show whose Shift is being offered, ensuring that Users trade or claim the correct Shift

  • Users can now see the name of the Manager who Approved/Denied their Request. The Time Off Details screen will show 'Approved By'/'Denied By' followed by the name of the User who managed the Request

New Purchased Item Record

The Purchased Item Record has been updated! Users can now open the New Purchased Item Record from the 'Items' page under 'Food Admin' in Smart Ops

The New Purchased Item Record opens in a sidesheet and includes the following tabs:

New Unit of Measure Record and Grid

The Unit of Measure Form and Unit of Measure Grid both have a new look! Both the Unit of Measure Record and Grid have been updated for Smart Ops and can be found on the 'Units of Measure' page under 'Food Admin' in the Smart Ops left navigation menu. 

UofM Record

UofM Grid

New Item Category Record and Grid

The Item Category Record and Item Category Grid both have a new look! The Item Category Form and Grid have been updated for Smart Ops. The 'Item Categories' page can now be found under 'Food Admin' in the left navigation menu. 

Item Category Record

Item Category Grid

User Impersonation

User Impersonation allows Users to navigate through the system with the same accesses as another active User. This tool is frequently used to check a specific User's Permissions and confirm that their accesses are properly assigned. 

Petty Cash in the DSS

System Preferences can be configured to deduct the Petty Cash amounts in DSS Deposit calculations. Learn more about Petty Cash in the DSS setup here.

Inventory Variance Review

Users can now choose to enable R365's Inventory Count Variances feature. 

When Inventory Count Variances is enabled, the system will identify Variances in an Inventory Count. The Inventory Count review will then feature the 'Variance Review' tab where Users must review the Actual and Theoretical Variances before completing the Count.

Users will only be alerted to a Theoretical Variance if there has been an Inventory Variance threshold set on the new Item Category form. 

DSS - Non-Worked Earnings

When the 'Employee Punch Edits' feature is enabled, Users will also be able to enter non-worked Earnings when completing the DSS Labor Review. Non-worked Earnings are Earnings not directly related to the Employee's punches, such as vacation, sick time, bereavement, etc.

Commissary Order Form - Submit Date

Commissary Managers can now better track Commissary Order submissions! Once submitted, the Commissary Order form will now show the date of submission.

Commissary Mass Fulfillment - Customer Filtering

Users can now filter the Commissary Mass Fulfillment list by Customer. When the 'Order From' field is clicked, Users can choose between the following two options:

  • Order Locations - this filters the Mass Fulfillment screen to only show Orders from Ordering Locations 
  • Customer - this filters the Mass Fulfillment screen to only show Orders from 3rd-Party Customers

View the full list of Release Notes here.