This article covers Donation Templates and is part of Donations, a Smart Ops feature.

Donations templates can be created to organize and track items donated by a restaurant location. Donation templates can be applied to donation logs for more efficient donation log entry. This helps save time when creating donation logs for recurring or common donations made by restaurants. 

This article covers the following topics:

Creating a New Donation Template

To begin creating a new donation template, navigate to the donations page in Smart Ops. Then click the '+ Create' button in the top right-hand corner.

Select Template from the dropdown.

A new donation template will open as a sidesheet. Users can then complete the donation template as necessary.

Donation Template Form

Template NameThe name of the donation template. 
LocationThe location that this template is assigned to.
  • Note: This template will only be available to add to a donation entry for selection when the assigned location is selected.
SearchType in Keywords to search for specific items in the donation items list.
Donation Item Column HeadersThe columns of the Donation Items including the following information:
  • Item - The name of the Item 
  • Unit of Measure - The Unit of Measure assigned to the Item
  • Each Amt - The assigned cost of each Unit of the Item
+Add ItemClick to add an item to the donation items list.
+Bulk AddClick to bulk add items to the donation items list. 

Adding Items to a Donation Template

Donation Items can be added to the donation templates by adding a single item or by bulk-adding items.

Adding a Single Item

To add a single item, click the '+ Add Item' button. This will open a row of the following editable fields:

  • Item
  • Unit of Measure
    • Note: This field will hold all unit of measure options connected to this Item. This field will not be editable if there is only one UofM available.
  • Each Amt
    • Note: This field will autofill with the current each amount for the item.

Bulk Add Items

To bulk add items, click the '+ Bulk Add' button. From the dropdown menu, select an item category type and an item category. Click 'Add # Items' to add the items to the donations items list. 

Saving a Donation Template

Once the necessary information has been added to the donation template, click 'Save.' The template will automatically be saved to the templates list. 

Templates can later be edited by clicking the existing template from the donations templates tab list. Always click 'Save' after making edits.