Donations is a Smart Ops feature that allows users to track and debit any donated items to an account specifically for donations. 


Tracking donations helps restaurants to document food and product donations so that purchased items and recipes can be more accurately tracked across all restaurant locations. When creating a donation log, users can assign a reason for the donation. Users can edit reason types to add reasons as needed. Tracking donation reasons lets users review data to identify trends and opportunities based on donation history.


From the donations page, users can create and manage donation logs, donation templates, and reason types

This article covers the following:


The Permissions listed here are associated with Donations. These Permissions can be added to Custom User Roles or single Users. Learn more about managing Permissions and Custom User Roles here.

Permissions related to Donations are found in the Permission Tree as follows:

  • Food

    • Donations

      • View Donations

      • View Donations Distributions

      • Edit Donations Each Amounts

      • Edit Donation Reason Types

      • Edit Donations 

      • Create Donations

      • Complete Donations

      • Unlock Donations

      • Approve Donations 

      • Unapprove Donations

      • Delete Donations

    • Donations Templates

      • View Donation Templates

      • Edit Donation Templates

      • Create Donation Templates

      • Delete Donation Templates

The Permission Access report can be used to determine which User Roles or Users already have these Permissions assigned.

Learn more about User Setup and Security here.

To navigate to the Donations page, first, open Smart Ops. In the left navigation menu, click 'Donations' under 'Food.' This will open the Donations page. 

Donations Page

The Donations page is where users can manage all donation logs and donation templates. 

Entries TabAll individual donation logs can be viewed on this tab. 
Templates TabAll created donation templates can be viewed on this tab. 
Reason Types ConfigurationClick to configure reason types. From the slide out users can create and manage donation reason types. To read more about donation reason types, click here
+CreateClick to create a new donation log or donation template. 
Search Type keywords in this fields to search for specific donation logs or donation templates. 
 Table FunctionsAs with most smart grids, the donation log and template grids have the following functions:
  •  - Click to open, save, or edit Table Views
  • - Click to set grid Filters
  •  - Click to show/hide and rearrange Columns
  • - Click to export the table to an Excel file
  • - Click to refresh the contents of the page

Entries Tab

From the donations Entries tab, users can create, track, and manage all donation logs that have been created.  All donation logs appear on this list, regardless of status. Learn more about creating and managing Donation Entries, here.

CheckboxCheck the checkbox to select a donation log entry. 
NumberThe identifying number assigned to a donation log at creation.

The status of the Donation. Users will see any of the following statuses:

  • In Progress - The donation log is still being edited and has not been marked as complete
  • Completed - The donation log has been filled out, marked as complete, and is awaiting approval
  • Approved - The donation log has been completed and approved

LocationThe restaurant location that the donation log has been created for.
DateThe date that the donation log was created.
Item CountThe number of different items listed on a donation log.
TotalThe total cost of the items added to the donation log.
CommentAny comments added to the donation entry will appear here. 

Using the 'Columns' Table Function, Users can also add additional Columns that allow Users to see the User who completed, created, last modified, or approved the Donation Entry as well as the date that the Entry was completed, created, last modified or approved. 

Templates Tab

From the Donations 'Templates' tab, Users can create and manage Donations Templates. Learn more about creating a Donations Template, here.

Template NameThe name given to the donation template. 
LocationThe restaurant location that the donation template is assigned to. 
Last Used DateThe most recent date that the donation template was used on a donation entry. 
Item CountThe number of different items added to the donation template. 

Using the 'Columns' Table Function, Users can add additional Columns that allow Users to see the User who created and last modified the Template as well as when the Template was created and last modified.

Donation Reason Types

Users can add donation reasons to items added to a donation log. These reason types are user-created and can be configured from the reason types side sheet. To read more about configuring donation reason types, click here