This article reviews adding non-worked Earnings on the DSS. Non-worked Earnings are Earnings not directly related to the Employee's punches, such as Vacation, Sick Time, Bereavement, etc. 

When the 'Employee Punch Edits' feature is enabled, Users will also be able to enter non-worked Earnings when completing the DSS Labor Review

This article reviews the following topics:

Hours vs Cost Entry Methods

The Earning Type selected for an Earning being added on the DSS will determine if the Hours or Cost entry method is used. The entry method determines which fields on the entry form are editable, and how the added Earning is calculated. To change the entry method of an Earning Type, please contact R365 Support

  • Note: It is not recommended to change the entry method of an Earning Type after it has been used for an Earning added on the DSS. 

Hours Entry Method

Earning Types that use the 'Hours' entry method are calculated as (Hours x Pay Rate). The Pay Rate is determined by the Job selected. Earning Types that use this entry method include Vacation, Sick, and Bereavement.

Cost Entry Method

Earning Types that use the 'Cost' entry method are not dependent on the Job selected and will be calculated as the 'Cost' entered when adding the Earning. Earning Types that use this entry method include Tips, Commission, and Reimbursement.

Adding & Editing Earnings on the DSS

Adding Earnings

Labor Review Sidesheet

Follow these steps to add an Earning from the Labor Review header:

  1. Click '+ Add Earning'
  2. Select the desired Employee, then click 'ADD'

    A sidesheet will open displaying the 'Other Earnings' section for the Employee

Employee Labor Detail Sidesheet

Follow these steps to add additional Earnings on the Employee Labor Detail sidesheet:


  1. Open the Employee Labor Detail sidesheet by clicking on the desired Employee

  2. Click '+ Add Earning' in the Other Earnings section

    A blank line will be added where the Earning's details can be entered.

Entering Earning Details

When adding or editing an Earning, follow these steps to enter the Earning details:

  1. Select the desired Earning Type

  2. Enter the associated Job and either the associated Hours or Cost for the Earning, depending on the entry method for that Earning Type. (See the Hours and Costs entry methods above for more information)

  3. Click the check icon  to save the Earning


Audit Log

All earnings that have been added or edited for a selected Employee can be viewed in the Audit Log. The 'View Audit Log' button is displayed once earnings have been added for the Employee.

Earning Types

By default, all non-worked Earning Types are available for manual entry on the DSS. These Earning Types do not impact Labor Metrics or Weighted Average Overtime calculations. To hide any of the default Earning Types please contact R365 Support.

Default Earning Types available for manual entry include:

  • Vacation
  • Sick
  • Bereavement
  • Retro Pay
  • Service Charge
  • Bonus
  • Tips
  • Previously Paid Tips
  • Reimbursement
  • Fringe Benefit
  • Advance
  • Commission
  • Emergency FFCRA Sick
  • Emergency FFCRA FMLA
  • Holiday
  • Additional Holiday
  • ISO Disqualifying Disposition
  • ISO Qualifying Disposition
  • PTO