This article is part of Barcode Scanning and covers where to view Barcodes in R365 Web. 

Barcodes can be found listed on the Items Grid, the Recipes Grid, and on the Purchased Item Record.

This article covers the following topics:

Items Grid and Purchased Item Record

Both the Items Grid and the Purchased Item Record can be found on the Items page in Smart Ops. Click 'Items' under 'Food Admin' to open the Items page.

Users can edit Barcodes in grid or from the Purchased Item Form of a specific Item. To edit in grid, stay on the open Items Page. 

To open a Purchased Item Record, locate the specific Item within the Item's grid. Then, click the Item Name to open the Purchased Item Record. 

Recipes Grid

The Recipes Grid can be found on the Recipes page in Smart Ops. Click 'Recipes' under 'Food Admin' to open the Recipes page.

Viewing Barcodes on the Items or Recipes Grid

Barcodes can be found in  the 'Barcodes' column on both the Items Grid and the Recipes Grid.

Click the Columns buttonfrom the Table Functions to edit the Grid Columns. Check the Checkbox beside 'Barcodes' to add the Barcodes Column to the Items Grid.

Barcodes will now appear in a Column on the Items/Recipes Grid with the number of Barcodes associated with the Item/Recipe listed. 

Clicking the Barcode field on a specific Item or Recipe will open up the list of Barcodes associated with the Item/Recipe

Purchased Item Record Barcode Management List

The Item Barcode Management List can be found within the Purchased Item form on the Settings tab.

To access, locate the 'General' section of the 'Settings' tab.  At the bottom of the 'General' section, Users will see a Barcode and 'View Full Details.'

Click on 'View Full Details' to view and manage the Barcodes associated with the selected Purchased Item. From this section, Users can also Add and Delete Barcodes. 

  • Note: The R365 assigned Barcode will be marked as 'R365 Barcode.' This Barcode cannot be edited or deleted

Opening the Barcode Management List from the Items Grid

An Item's  Barcode Management List can be opened straight from the Grid. This can be done by navigating to the specific Item, and clicking the Barcode field for that Item. This will open the Barcode list dropdown.

Click a Barcode.

This will open the Purchased Item Record directly to the Item's Barcode Management List.

Adding and Deleting Barcodes

From the Item Grid, Recipes Grid,  and Purchased Item Record, Users can also Add and Delete Barcodes. To read more about Adding and Deleting Barcodes, click here.