This article covers scanning barcodes using a Bluetooth scanner, and is part of barcode scanning for inventory counts, an R365 add-on feature.

The R365 Red App barcode scanning feature allows Users to scan barcodes using a Bluetooth scanning device. The R365 App can connect to any BLE (Bluetooth low energy) compatible scanner. When an external scanner is connected to a user's mobile device, the R365 application recognizes the connection to the external scanner. Users can then use the external scanner to scan items when conducting inventory.

R365 Barcode Scanning is an add-on feature.  To learn about how Barcode Scanning can enhance your R365 experience, contact your CSM today!

This article covers the following:

Connecting to a Scanner

To connect an external scanner, follow these steps:

1Ensure that the external scanner is powered on.

Follow the device instructions to enter Bluetooth pairing mode, if necessary.
2From the R365 App, tap the button labeled Bluetooth Scanner at the bottom of the mobile navigation menu.

This will open the Bluetooth Devices list, which will list all Bluetooth devices in the area that are available to connect. 
3Tap the Connect button beside the correct Bluetooth Scanner that needs to be connected.

If the device is not shown, users can tap the refresh button in the top right corner, which will refresh the list of devices.
4Once the device is connected, users will receive a notification that the device has been connected. 
5The device will now show as connected on the Bluetooth Devices list as well as at the bottom of the mobile navigation menu.


Once the external scanner is connected, users will see the name of the scanner with a green circle beside it at the bottom of the left navigation menu. If there is no external scanner connected, users will see the words Bluetooth Scanner, which can be tapped to connect a scanner. 

Connected Scanner
No Scanner Connected

Once a Scanner has been connected to the mobile device, Users can proceed to begin the barcode scanning process. 

Barcode Scanning Using a Bluetooth Scanner

Users can utilize an external scanner to scan items into inventory.  Once on the Your Storage Location screen for an inventory count, users will see a notice that says [Scanner] is Connected at the bottom of the screen. This notice also appears at the bottom of an individual item screen. 

If the scanner is not connected, ensure that it is connected to the mobile device by checking the device's Bluetooth connection settings, then follow these steps:

1Once the scanner is connected, it can be used to scan barcodes. Proceed with the scanner's instructions, aiming the scanner at the item barcode to scan an item.
2When the scanner reads the barcode, the item information screen will open on the mobile device where users should enter a quantity for the item scanned.

For inventory counts, if a count is not entered, Users will be prompted to confirm that no count was entered. The following message will be shown:

3Once the item quantity/count is entered, tap enter, and use the Bluetooth scanner to scan the next item and continue as needed.

Item Not In Location

For inventory counts, if an item is scanned, and it is not available in the selected storage location, users will receive a notice that the item is not in location. Read about how to proceed with items not in location, here.

Barcode Not Found

If a barcode has not been previously linked to a purchased item, users will encounter the Barcode not found message.  Users will then be prompted to link the code to an Item. Read about how to proceed with unlinked barcodes, here.