This article is part of the Time Off tab of the Manager Tools feature.

Managers can create Time Off Requests on behalf of an Employee. In the event that an Employee does not have access to a smart phone to submit a Time Off Request, Users with access to Manager Tools can create a Time Off Request for the Employee. This way, all Time Off Requests are accounted for. 

Creating an Employee Time Off Request

To create an Employee Time Off Request, follow these steps:

  1. From the Manager Tools page, click the '+Create' button in the top right corner of the page.

  2. From the dropdown menu, click 'Time Off'

  3. This will open a new Time Off Request form

  4. Complete the Time Off Request as needed. Users will need to include the following:
    • Employee Information
      • Name of the Employee
      • Employee Location
        • Note: When an Employee has access to multiple Locations, Users can select one, multiple, or all Locations to submit the Time Off Request for. The default selection is the Employee's Primary location.

    • Time Off Information
      • Start and End Date for Time Off Needed
      • Time of Day for Time Off Needed
        • Note: When the 'All Day' Toggle is on, the Time Off Request will be for the entire Calendar date selected. The default for this toggle is 'On.' To open the Start and End Time fields, toggle 'All Day' to off.
      • Reason for Time Off (Personal, Jury Duty, Vacation)

        Note: If the Reason selected is 'Personal,' the User will then be required to complete the 'Employee Note' section before continuing.

  5. After completing all the necessary fields, click 'Create.'
    • Note: Checking the 'Create Another' box before clicking 'Create' will automatically open a new Time Off Request Form once the current is Created

    • Note: If the Employee Time Off Request exceeds the Location's Time Off Request limits, the User will be notified that the limit has been reached once 'Create' is clicked. Managers will need to 'Proceed' with creating the Request or 'Cancel.'

  6. The Time Off Request will refresh, and the User will be prompted to 'Deny' or 'Approve' the Request. The Request will also be listed in the Time Off Requests log

Important Notes About Approving/Denying Manager Created Requests
  • Managers can only Approve/Deny Requests for the Locations of which they have access.

  • Managers can not Approve their own Time Off Requests. The 'Approve' button will be greyed out.

  • If the Employee has already reached the Location's Time Off Requests Limits, the User that Approves will be notified and prompted to confirm the Approval/Denial

  • If a Time Off Request is created for ALL Locations, and one Location denies the Request, the Request will be denied for ALL Locations