The Unit of Measure grid and form will receive a new layout in Q1 2023 to provide Users the option to create and edit Unit of Measures in Smart Ops. 

The New Unit of Measure form will maintain the same functionality, but the form will be updated for Smart Ops. 

Unit of Measure Form

The Unit of Measure Form now opens in a Smart Ops sidesheet rather than a new window. The 'Items On' section is now below the 'General Information' section. 

New Unit of Measure Form

Legacy Unit of Measure Form

Unit of Measure Grid

The Unit of Measure Grid was updated for Smart Ops.  The new Smart Ops UofM grid offers inline editing for selected fields. Users can edit the following by clicking the field or toggle:

  • Equivalent  Qty
  • Equivalent UofM
  • Purchasing UofM Toggle
  • Recipe UofM Toggle
  • Active Toggle

New Units of Measure Grid

Legacy Units of Measure Grid